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Immortals of the Arctic
Produced by: Summerhill Entertainment
Brief Synopsis: The icy waters of the North are home to a mysterious leviathan –Balena mysticus, the bowhead whale. Travel the Arctic, from...

In Search of a Lost Princess
Produced by: Storyteller Media Group
Brief Synopsis: A South African family believed their grandmother was Anastasia Romanov the daughter traditional thought to have escaped the ...

In Surgery and Awake: When Anaesthesia Fails
Produced by: Beyond Productions
Brief Synopsis: It could be your worst nightmare. IN SURGERY AND AWAKE tells the story of one of medicine's modern miracles going horribly w...

Invitation to Discover
Produced by: George Csicsery Productions
Brief Synopsis: A profile of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) at Berkeley reveals what research mathematicians really do, ...

James, Brother of Jesus
Produced by: Associated Producers Ltd.
Brief Synopsis: James, Brother of Jesus uncovers the exclusive details surrounding the world headline grabbing discovery of a limestone "buri...

Journey of Man
Produced by: Tigress Productions
Brief Synopsis: Journey of Man hosted by 33-year-old geneticist Dr Spencer Wells answers the question 'where do we all come from?' It is t...

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Produced by: Green Umbrella Limited
Brief Synopsis: Action and adventure science special, using costume drama and special effects to re-create segments from Jules Verne's famous...

Julia Robinson and Hilbert's Tenth Problem
Produced by: George Csicsery Productions
Brief Synopsis: A pioneer among American women in mathematics, Julia Robinson contributed to the solution of HilbertÂ’s tenth problem (H10), ...

Brief Synopsis: For the past four years, in the black sand desert of Karakoum, near Merv in Turkmenistan, a team of Italian and Turkish arch...

Last of the Wild Mustangs
Produced by: Summerhill Entertainment
Brief Synopsis: In the rugged Rocky Mountain foothills of southern Alberta, a hardy and abundant band of wild horses now faces an uncertain f...

Leonardo: Dangerous Liaisons
Produced by: BBC
Brief Synopsis: Part two follows Leonardo's journey from Milan to Venice in 1500, where he proposes to the Doges a novel form of warfare... A...

Leonardo: The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything
Produced by: BBC
Brief Synopsis: This film follows Leonardo from his illegitimate birth to the unveiling of his masterpiece, "The Last Supper" in Milan in 149...

Leonardo: The Secret Life of the Mona Lisa
Produced by: BBC
Brief Synopsis: She has her own bodyguards and lives in Paris in a humidified, air-conditioned box protected by triplex bullet proof glass. D...

Produced by: CAPA
Brief Synopsis: This documentary tells the amazing and touching story of two families who decided to resort to pre-implantation diagnosis to ...

Like Nothing on Earth
Produced by: Karlheinz Baumann NATURFILME
Brief Synopsis: (BANFF 2003 Nominee) Slime moulds - scientists call them myxomycetes - are evolutionary outsiders. Magical creatures, they li...

Living Things We Love to Hate
Produced by: Rainshadow Media / Asterisk Productions
Brief Synopsis: We are repulsed by the sight of a slug oozing its way across a garden path. We recoil at the sensuous move...

Living With Bugs: War of Two Worlds
Produced by: Survival Anglia Ltd./DSF/Granada Production
Brief Synopsis: (BANFF 2003 Nominee) An unbiased look at this world shows that by almost every benchmark of comparison, it is bugs that are t...

The Lost Dinosaurs of New Zealand
Produced by: Red Sky Film & Television Ltd.
Brief Synopsis: (BANFF 2003 Nominee) This is the incredible story of how Joan Wiffen, 80-year-old former housewife and amateur paleonotologis...

The Lost Dinsaurs
Produced by: Red Sky Film and Television
Brief Synopsis: This film tells the remarkable story of Joan Wiffen, a retired housewife, who at age 68 , went fossil hunting and found New ...

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