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Produced by: Zero Film
Brief Synopsis: On April 4th,1970, Gilles Caron, photographer and co-founder of the Gamma photography agency in Paris, disappeared on the Cam...

Machines Time Forgot
Produced by: Windfall Films
Brief Synopsis: This series brings together historians, engineers and construction crews to build ancient machines. 1. Crane shows how a huma...

Produced by: Brook Lapping
Brief Synopsis: This two-part documentary gives an unprecedented and personal portrait of Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to head the gove...

Magic Gardens
Produced by: Cwmni Da
Brief Synopsis: Susan Williams-Ellis has an unusual passion for painting tropical fish in the water. She is also the founder and creator of P...

Malice or Mutiny - The Koolama Incident
Produced by: Storyteller Media Group
Brief Synopsis: In 1942 an Australian passenger ship enrout from Perth Western Australia to Wyndam in Western Australia was bomed by the Japa...

Massacre at Punta Lobos
Produced by: Engel Brothers Media
Brief Synopsis: Why were 200 Peruvian fishermen ritually slaughtered on the beach at Punta Lobos 650 years ago? Blindfolded, hands tied behin...

Mavericks, Miracles & Medicine - "Brain" & "Infectious Disease"
Produced by: Documania Films LLC
Brief Synopsis: Today’s hospitals are filled with complex technology and sophisticated tests and treatments that, only a generation ago, were...

Mavericks, Miracles & Medicine - "Heart" & "Transplant"
Produced by: Documania Films LLC
Brief Synopsis: Today’s hospitals are filled with complex technology and sophisticated tests and treatments that, only a generation ago, were...

Medicine in the Third Reich
Produced by: Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion
Brief Synopsis: Under the pretense of scientific research, doctors in Nazi Germany conducted gruesome experiments on human beings with mostly...

Metropolis - The Power of Cities
Produced by: Tangram, Pixcom
Brief Synopsis: The Power of Cities takes us to the very heart of urban life in the Mediterranean area, the hub of the ancient world. The mig...

METROPOLIS - The Power of Cities, Rome
Produced by: TANGRAM Christian Bauer Filmproduktion / Pixcom Productions
Brief Synopsis: Rom – Das Herz des Imperiums Vor mehr als 2000 Jahren entstanden rund um das Mittelmeer die großen Metropolen der Antike, di...

METROPOLIS – The Power Of Cities, Alexandria
Produced by: TANGRAM Christian Bauer Filmproduktion / Pixcom Productions
Brief Synopsis: Alexandria – Das Zentrum des Wissens Vor mehr als 2000 Jahren entstanden rund um das Mittelmeer die großen Metropolen der An...

Produced by: AMIP
Brief Synopsis: Since the fall of Iraq, in neighboring countries, those who are now twenty, have promised themselves not to make the same mis...

The Miraculous Poison - the History of DDT
Produced by: Express TV-Production
Brief Synopsis: When DDT was developed 60 years ago, it was seen as a blessing. DDT would save mankind from diseases and starvation, and the ...

Morning Sun
Produced by: Long Bow Group/ITVS/ARTE/BBC/NAATA
Brief Synopsis: (BANFF 2003 Nominee) Using contemporary interviews, archival stills and footage, period feature films and theatrical works, "...

Moulin Rouge Forever
Produced by: AMPERSAND
Brief Synopsis: From the beginning, prostitutes, pimps, and all sorts of shady characters frequented the Moulin Rouge, as well as many member...

Mountains and Man
Produced by: Principal Films
Brief Synopsis: Since the early dawn of civilisation mountains have held man in wonder and fear. Their sheer size, strangeness of terrain an...

Brief Synopsis: For ten years a team of French and Chinese researchers has been excavating in the immense desert of Taklamakan in search of b...

Produced by: Spy Pond Productions
Brief Synopsis: How do we ever know for certain what happened in the past? Historian Simon Schama looks back to 1850, when Boston was turn...

The Murder of Emmett Till
Produced by: A Fireflight Media Production for American Experience/WGBH
Brief Synopsis: In 1955, a 14-year-old black boy from Chicago whistled at a white woman in Money, Mississippi. Three days later, two white me...

Mystery in Stone - The Sphinx
Produced by: Digital Drama
Brief Synopsis: A huge rock in the middle of the desert - destined thousands of years ago to become the first colossal monument of mankind: t...

Mystic Women of the Middle Ages
Produced by: Redcanoe Productions In c
Brief Synopsis: The strange lives of medieval women mystics - Hilegard, Clare of Assisi, Catherine of Siena, Bridget of Sweden, Julian of Nor...

Produced by: SPIEGEL TV GmbH
Brief Synopsis: Hitler's architect was the only Nazi in a leading position to accept responsibility for the crimes of the Third Reich and was...

Naturally Native
Produced by: Red-Horse Native Productions, Inc.
Brief Synopsis: NATURALLY NATIVE follows the lives, loves, pain, joy and relationships of three sisters as they attempt to start their own bu...

Nazi Grand Prix
Produced by: JWM Productions
Brief Synopsis: This is the story of Richard Seaman, one of Britain's greatest-ever racing drivers. Seaman has been almost erased from histor...

Produced by: Film Projects
Brief Synopsis: Ned Kelly’s exploits are well known and have made him into a folk hero and cultural icon, but was he an outlaw, a freedom fig...

Brief Synopsis: The construction of a new high-speed train line in eastern Frace gave birth to a major archaeological dig, following the same...

One way ticket to the USSR
Produced by: AMPERSAND
Brief Synopsis: After World War II, thousands of French citizens were caught into a trap designed by Stalin and remained prisoners of the Sov...

Origin of Christianity
Produced by: Archipel 33
Brief Synopsis: Relying upon the only existing sources which bear witness to the history, "Origin of Christianity" tells the story of the eme...

The Original Mermaid
Produced by: Hilton Cordell Productions
Brief Synopsis: This is a story about a woman - once one of the world’s most famous people – largely forgotten by history. Annette Kellerman ...

Pacification in Algeria
Produced by: Article
Brief Synopsis: Where does submission to authority end ? Where does individual responsibility start ? These are the questions faced by all pe...

Peter and Paul and The Christian Revolution
Produced by: Koval Films, LLC
Brief Synopsis: Two millennia ago, in the Roman province of Judea, Jesus was crucified by imperial troops. Thousands before him had suffered...

Pioneer Quest: Survivors of the Real West
Produced by: Frantic Films Corporation
Brief Synopsis: A follow-up to the series “Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West”, this documentary follows the lives of the Treadways and t...

A PLASTIC STORY, A short History of Plastic Surgery
Produced by: Adocs
Brief Synopsis: The very first descriptions of skin grafts date back to 800 b.c., in India, where they served to obstruct the facial hole res...

Poisonous Women
Produced by: Beyond Productions
Brief Synopsis: A gruesome journey into the minds of murderous women who choose poison as their weapon. Poison is convenient, non-confrontat...

Brief Synopsis: Profile of American Surrealist photographer, David LaChapelle, whose mentor was legendary Pop artist, Andy Warhol. LaChapelle...

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