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Les hommes de l'ombre de Milosevic
Produced by: France 3/Mano A Mano
Brief Synopsis: (BANFF 2003 Nominee) Soon after Slobodan Milosevic takeover, Yugoslavia falls into a 10 year civil war, leaving two hundred t...

Produced by: EXTRAFILM GesmbH
Brief Synopsis: A film for an exhibition showing objects of the famous Esterhazy treasure chamber. Enriched with new material we want to focu...

In Memoriam - New York City, 9/11/01
Produced by: Brad Grey Pictures
Brief Synopsis: (BANFF 2003 Nominee) This document follows Mayor Giuliani and his staff from their first realization of what had occurred, th...

Investigating Operation Condor
Produced by: Article
Brief Synopsis: The film by Rodrigo Vazquez, a young argentinian director, tells the story of operation Condor by following several victims o...

Island of The Minotaur
Produced by: Lion Television
Brief Synopsis: The mysterious island of Crete has always had a hold on our imagination. It’s the legendary birth-place of Zeus and the realm...

Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire
Produced by: Lyn Goldfarb Productions and Plug-In, in association with Devillier Donegan Enterprises and PBS
Brief Synopsis: Samurai warriors and commanding shoguns, exotic geisha and exquisite artisans- this is the unknown story of mysterious Japan ...

Jimmy Carter
Produced by: An American Experience for WGBH/Boston.
Brief Synopsis: Jimmy Carter’s single term in the White House was dramatically blown off course by inflation, recession, a fractured administ...

The Jungle of Genomics
Produced by: LES FILMS À LOU
Brief Synopsis: More and more often, genetic research is privately funded. In the United States, where a large part of this research is conce...

Brief Synopsis: For the past four years, in the black sand desert of Karakoum, near Merv in Turkmenistan, a team of Italian and Turkish archa...

Kingdom of David: Saga of the Israelites
Produced by: Oregon Public Broadcasting & Red Hill Prod. in assoc. with PBS and Devillier Donegan Enterprises
Brief Synopsis: The epic story of how a small group of tribes known as the Israelites gave birth to a nation, the world’s first monotheistic ...

Klondike: The Quest for Gold
Produced by: Frantic Films Corporation
Brief Synopsis: This series follows five individuals as they experience life as the stampeders of the 1897 Gold Rush to the Klondike. Outfit...

Kuxa Kanema, the Birth of Cinema in Mozambique
Produced by: Lapsus
Brief Synopsis: The history of the Mozambican Film Institute cannot be disassociated from the independence movement embodied by President Sam...

The Laboratory
Produced by: Filmpoint Stockholm
Brief Synopsis: We approach one of the most horrific secrets of the Lubyanka.In the so called Spec-laboratory experiments were carried out on...

Lawrence of Arabia
Produced by: Lion Television
Brief Synopsis: The remarkable story of T.E.Lawrence - archaeologist, soldier, writer - and the Arab world he fought to liberate from the Ott...

The Lord of the Kuril Islands - Fishing between Russia and Japan
Produced by: L.E.Vision
Brief Synopsis: The Kuril archipelago is Russia's most extreme outpost in the Far East. The Russians conquered it in WW II and have been quar...

Lost Inventions
Produced by: Alliance Atlantis/Windfall Films
Brief Synopsis: Lost Inventions brings together engineers and archaeologists to reconstruct icons of the past using the tools available at th...

Produced by: Sophimages
Brief Synopsis: The erotic secret of the world's most licentious monarch. Art and war, theft and greed, sex and death, scandal and intrigue....

Love Letters from the War
Produced by: ABC Television
Brief Synopsis: John and Josie met in 1924 and were married a year later. By 1939 they have seven children. In 1940 John enlists for the wa...

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