Dublin 2003 - October 21-23



Frequently Asked Questions

Is News World just for news industry executives?

News World is the largest gathering for the international news industry and already attracts Journalists from across the globe; technical specialists; politicians, NGO’s and leading academics as well as the manufacturing and service providers vital to the continuing development of access to news. Many custom college essays include this kind of information as their authors prefer to make sure everything is clear.

In addition, this year’s agenda and activities opens up the forum to a wide range of interest groups including academics, media students, current affairs producers, politicians and lobbyists.

How far from the airport and how much does it cost by cab?

Dublin airport is 30 minutes from city centre depending on the traffic (25 miles). You can get a taxi from the airport, rate is from €20 to €25.

Is there an airport shuttle to the Burlington?

For 6 euros, there is a coach every 15 minutes at the airport which stops in front of the Burlington but also in front of other hotels, please see details at www.aircoach.ie

How far is the centre of Dublin from the hotel?

It is about a 15 minute walk.

I would like to book a venue at a typical Irish establishment can you give me some ideas?

The Sugar Club – which is the old national film theatre converted into a very loungy club.
Address: 8 Lower Leeson Street (just on the corner with Stephens Green).

Temple Theatre - Very nice, on Temple Street (not as close to The Burlington as some of the others and the area isn't exactly inviting).

Ri Ra - Been around for donkeys but a good place to go. Its open from 11pm and is on Dame Court.

POD - Very trendy club that’s on Harcourt Street (5 mins from Stephens Green).

Pubs:- You're spoilt for them and they tend to be either old style boozer or trendy lounge bars. Some good ones to take people to are:

Kehoes - On Anne Street South (just off the top of Grafton Street) - great old style pub.

Doheny and Nesbitt - 5 Baggot Street - again very much an old style pub.

Toners - Also on Baggot Street.

As for more modern style bars, there is Sam Sara on Dawson Street (up close to the top near Stephens Green), Zanzibar which is on Ormond Quay, just by the Halfpenny Bridge, Pravda (again by the Halfpenny Bridge) or The Odeon at the top of Harcourt Street.

Dublin being Dublin, there are literally hundreds of other places to go. Temple Bar is good but very touristy and busy. A good website to visit for more information is http://www.dublinpubs.net which gives good reviews and lists most of the decent places in Dublin.

What is the currency of Ireland?

The currency of Ireland is EUROS.