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Unlocking the Past
Produced by: Alliance Atlantis
Brief Synopsis: Countless explorers, scholars and adventurers have journeyed in search of the secrets of the past. But until recently much w...

VARIAN AND PUTZI: A Twentieth Century Tale
Produced by: Richard Kaplan Productions
Brief Synopsis: A CINEMATIC MIX OF BIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY that examines the lives of Varian Fry and Ernst "Putzi" Hanfstaengl– hero and anti-h...

Vesuvius, deadly fury
Brief Synopsis: On the 24th August 79 AD, the eruption of Vesuvius went down in history. The prosperous Roman city of Pompeii was totally era...

Volks Vacation - Hitler's Seaside resort for 20,000
Produced by: LOOKS Film & TV
Brief Synopsis: In 1936 work began on the largest hotel complex in the world. The site was Prora, on the east coast of the Baltic island of R...

War Requiem in Peenemünde
Produced by: LOOKS Film & TV
Brief Synopsis: On 28 september 2002, the sixtieth anniversary of the first successful launch of an A4 (V2) rocket, Benjamins Britten's War R...

Produced by: Eagle Media Productions
Brief Synopsis: This is the first of four 50 minute programmes about women in conflict made as a co-production between EMP and the BBC/Flexte...

Warrior Women
Produced by: An October Films Production
Brief Synopsis: Brought to the screen by television's most famous "warrior princess" Lucy Lawless, this series of five films brings to life h...

Who Wrote the New Testament
Produced by: Opus Television
Brief Synopsis: Jesus of Nazareth never committed a single word to paper. The New Testament was written by a collection of individuals many ...

Whose is This Song?
Produced by: Adela Media Film & TV Productions Company
Brief Synopsis: A funny, dramatic and tragicomic search for the truth about a Song, that everybody in the Balkans claims it is theirs. A Song...

WITCHES - Magic, Myth, Reality
Produced by: L.E.Vision
Brief Synopsis: Three-part documentary drama series tracing the history of the belief in witchcraft, the persecution of witches and the renew...

World Cup '78
Produced by: A Cuatro Cabezas Production
Brief Synopsis: Organized within the framework of the bloodiest military dictatorship in Latin American history. World Cup 1978 was much more...

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