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Participant Biography & Photo Submission Form

Participants in the upcoming World Congress of Science Producers are asked to submit a brief biography (maximum 150 words or less) and photo for inclusion in the Congress Handbook, the official publication of SCIENCE 2003. The deadline for submissions is October 7, 2003. The word limit will be strictly enforced. At there is an option to order term papers or request additional editing in case the deadline is near.

Bio Submission

To submit your bio, please complete the following information. Before you make your submission final, you will have an opportunity to review your work to ensure that everything is correct. Please proof your submission carefully, it will be published exactly as you submit it, without further editing! You are responsible for the accuracy and literacy of your biography, including details such as spelling and capitalization.

You will have an opportunity to locate a photo (JPG image file) to upload along with your bio submission on the last page of this process (optional).

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