Pinnacle Systems is demonstrating MOS integration with newsroom computer systems (NRCS) working with Deko CGs and Thunder clip servers. There will also be demonstrations of Vortex 200, part of Pinnacle’s acclaimed family of Vortex newsroom solutions, whose PAL version was launched at IBC this year. Vortex provides a truly collaborative environment for news production. All Vortex systems combine, easy-to-use editing tools for journalists, and the power of Pinnacle Liquid editors for promo and magazine editing, with shared storage giving simultaneous and instant access to all media for all clients. Vortex supports MOS integration with all major MOS compliant NRCS and offers significant workflow improvements over traditional tape based news operations. Offering a true IT based solution Vortex scales smoothly for both LAN departmental and WAN enterprise solutions. A number of Vortex systems are in use by broadcasters in North and Central America. They include NY1,the first of 7 installations for TW AOL, CNN’s main Atlanta and New York Bureau sites, Televisa in Mexico and RDS in Montreal Canada