CONTROL of the news process is a key application area in more than 75 per cent of OmniBus installations around the world.

OmniBus technology can assist and automate the ingest of all media and provide browse and on-line full-resolution editing functionality. It also offers sophisticated access to archive media via the Internet for remote users as well as both manual-assist and fully-automated playout.

Operators can catalogue media at any stage of the ingest or production processes by the addition of metadata that can be used later in searches.

Users can find material using a range of search criteria such as name, category, keywords, use-by dates etc. and view media by thumbnails or minipics, by low-resolution browse or high-resolution, frame-accurate browse proxies.

OmniBus also provides the ability to control either a videotape or data tape archive system. The creation of simple rules determines exactly what material is placed in the archive – and when. A sophisticated search capability manages the subsequent retrieval from the archive for future re-use.