Autocue newsroom systems are at the heart of the some of the world’s most technologically advanced broadcast newsrooms, from Bloomberg Television to Carlton Westcountry. Starting with acquisition, and moving through ingest, production, scripting and transmission (and not forgetting prompting!) Autocue has solutions which are easy to install and integrate and powerful in operation.

The QSeries newsroom suite provides across-the-board capabilities to journalists and production staff alike, with technology advances delivering such leading-edge capabilities as a voice-activated prompter, where the system listens to the presenter and scrolls automatically at the right speed…while simultaneously triggering all of the automation events at precisely the right times.

New media management capabilities enable content to be simply but securely handled throughout the process from capture to archive, while partnerships with such manufacturers as Ibis, Thomson, Quantel and Sony have created a variety of seamless solutions for broadcast journalists.

Above all, the people at Autocue understand broadcast news. Come and talk to them at News World.