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News World International is pleased to offer delegates an on-site Video Library at the Burlington Hotel. All registered delegates are invited to bring video tapes of recently completed productions to be placed in the Library for viewing at video stations through the duration of the event (Oct. 21 - 23, 2003). Completing this form will ensure that your information is included in the catalogue located in the Video Tape Library for delegates to review.

1.) Complete the Video Tape Submission Form:
To include a video tape(s) in the Library, please complete and submit this on-line form prior to your arrival at News World.

2.) Bring Your Video Tapes With You to News World:
Please bring your video tapes to the News World Video Library as soon as you arrive. Upon completion of the event, you are responsible for picking up your tape at the Video Library by October 23, 4:00 p.m.

3.) Acceptable Video Tape Formats: (Equipment will not be available for other formats)

  • To submit your video tape(s), please complete the following form. Before you make your submission final, you will have an opportunity to review your synopsis to ensure that it is correct.

    Send this form once for every tape you are submitting. On the confirmation screen at the end of each submission, click the provided link to submit another tape using the same company and contact information.

    For more information, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Pearson, Communications Assistant: .

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