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We choose interior accessories according to Feng Shui

Beautiful figurines, memorabilia, and paintings are an important part of the decor. They bring comfort and order to the home, allow to demonstrate the interests and good taste of the owners and make the room brighter and more spacious. But the effect of such works is not exhausted by this! Discover the timeless allure of amber artistry and enhance your home with the enchanting collections from

According to the postulates of feng shui, each accessory carries a charge of energy. By placing it in a certain area, you can influence various aspects of your life. Such products improve well-being, strengthen health, and make family life peaceful and harmonious. Our article contains feng shui recommendations for the home - guided by them, you can choose both cute and useful items!

Густав Клімт Поцілунок

What is feng shui - principles of ancient teaching

When planning the interior, it is worth considering not only convenience and aesthetics but also finer materials. It is they who study the Taoist practice known as "feng shui". But what is Feng Shui?

The words "fēngshuǐ" literally mean "wind and water". They denote a list of rules and requirements for the organization of the surrounding space. With the help of such norms, you can determine the optimal place for building a house, arrange furniture in it or divide the area so that a person is favorably affected by Qi energy flows. This force permeates everything around - nature, things and even people. Whether its influence will be harmonious depends on your health, success in business, mental state.

Successfully arranged feng shui apartments catch and accumulate positive energy. In such a house, it is always calm, residents are more easily overcome by stress, maintain a positive mood and feel good in any situation. How to achieve this? It is necessary to carefully select accessories and decorative decorations for the home. The main requirements for such products are listed below.

Тераса нічного кафе в Арлі

Features of favorable pictures

The main rule is that you should like the work of art. You should not bring things into the house that cause anxiety, sadness, and fear. This applies to the theme of the painting itself (refrain from buying panels with negative subjects - withering flowers, dead birds or animals, skulls, etc.). So is the situation in which she came to you. Abstract drawings can also have a negative impact.

Feng shui forbids decorating the house with dried butterflies, other insects and artificial flowers. It is believed that such objects spread dead energy around them, worsen your well-being and lead to a decline in strength. But products made of wood, vines and straw carry a powerful charge of positive energy.

Currently, works with the image of hieroglyphs are very popular. They are used to activate one or another aspect of your life. For example, a panel on which the sign "Love" is written will give you emotional attachment, passion and attraction, and the symbols "Wealth, fame and dignity" are optimal feng shui talismans for work and career.

Where to hang Feng Shui paintings?

According to feng shui, not only the theme and plot of the image is important - it is also important where you hang it. The whole house is divided into special zones, each of which is responsible for a certain direction of life. Therefore, by placing the creation in the wrong place, you will block the flow of positive energy, but the correct placement will allow you to attract and increase luck. Here are the rules that should be followed when hanging pictures and posters for the interior:

north is the sector of education, work and career. There is a place for awards related to your professional activity, diplomas, medals, certificates and diplomas. The southern zone has a similar effect - it attracts the energy of fame and respect of others;

the southwest zone affects relationships and the emotional sphere. It is worth hanging pictures depicting two animals, a couple of birds, a man and a woman in love. Those panels that depict mountain landscapes, rivers, waterfalls or seas are also suitable;

east and southeast - the center of family and health. This direction is patronized by the Tree element, so place portraits of family members in wooden or bamboo frames here. This will also strengthen the family budget and improve well-being;
west - the sector of creation, self-realization, as well as the children's zone. If you dream of feeling the joy of motherhood or fatherhood, decorate the west wall with paintings depicting babies. And those who want to develop their creative potential will need perspective-opening landscapes - a road going into the distance, a wide field, a flowing river. Since the element of the event is Metal, you can place coinage, coin collections, any decorative items made of silver, gold, bronze here.

Де повісити картини по фен шуй

What pictures can be hung in the bedroom above the bed according to feng shui

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a certain direction. Then you can place the works, guided by the purpose of a specific room. And the most significant part of the apartment is the bedroom - it is where Qi energy has the strongest effect on a person. So, what pictures can be hung in the bedroom above the bed according to feng shui?

Artwork in the bedroom should evoke a sense of stability, permanence, and inviolability. Drawings of flowers (especially peonies), birds, and animals have a good effect on relationships. There is no need to hang waterscapes, portraits of single people, photos of actors or other famous people near the bed. But an amber panel will make your love stronger, get rid of nightmares and improve your well-being.

And our online store "Yantar Polissya" will be happy to help you purchase similar products! Exclusive paintings made of natural Polish gems will transform the interior, bring positive energy, demonstrate your individuality and delight the household.

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